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Jainson GROUP is a Professional Manufacturer, designer and developer for Electrical products and core competency in products like main switches, plug & socket,cable terminals ends, crimping tools, cable glands ,fuse link and clips on terminals.

Jainson GROUP identified huge potential and demand from our customers, so the organisation has decided to introduce a complete new range of electrical products which included products HRC FUSE link, air vents,gaskets, locks, hinges, and many more.

Product Category
HRC Fuse Links H.N. Type
HRC Fuse Links Cylinder Type
Fuse Links Bolted Type

Other Product Category
Jainson Cable Terminal Ends
Jainson Panel Accessories
Jainson Switchgear Products
Jainson Instrument Cooling Fan
Jainson Rotary & Toggle Switches
Jainson Control Switch
Jainson Crimping System
Jainson Cable Glands
Jainson PVC Channel

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